A richer mix of flavors with different sweetness and ice degrees,crafted by professional flavor perfumers,Lux 600 finally turns out of fruits,smoothie,for your selection.


Here are some of the features of the LUX 600

•Multiple Flavors:This disposable e-cigarette stands out for the richness of its multiple flavors. From classic tobacco flavors to passionate encounters with fruits, desserts and drinks, each bite brings a new taste experience. Whether you are busy at work or at leisure, you can choose different flavors according to your mood, adding a surprise and fun to your daily life.

•Fashion Style:Not only the diversity of flavors, we also pay attention to the appearance design of disposable e-cigarettes. The stylish appearance of eight sides and half through makes it more chic when used. It is in line with modern people’s pursuit of fashion beauty, but also highlights your personality and taste. Whether you carry it in your pocket or on your desk, it can be your unique fashion accessory.

•Safe Guidance:We not only pay attention to the beauty of e-cigarettes, but also pay attention to the quality and safety of products. Each flavor has been carefully prepared with high-quality ingredients and meets industry standards and safety requirements. There is no need to worry about the production of harmful substances and second-hand smoke, you can rest assured to enjoy the pleasure of tobacco alternatives.